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About Us

Since 1951 we have been the leader in the manufacturing of corporate christmas cards and wedding invitation stationery in Africa .
We are proud of the fact that we have been supplying our quality products directly and indirectly to
Government institutions, Royalty,VIP's,TV personalities and sport stars ,to name but a few.
All the more reason why we should be able to satisfy you !!

Chief Marketing Guru
Unified Printers (Pty) Ltd.
SAC Manufacturing
Print Design

FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/cardsbyclem  I Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/weddingca/boards / I
Linkedin : http://za.linkedin.com/in/weddingcards  
BBM Pin: 27D44FC5 also available on Whatsapp I Skype name: weddingcards
 I Clem@intekom.co.za  I Cell : +27 (0) 83 267 0053 I Fax: 086 5000 305

www.weddingcards.co.za  I www.christmascards.co.za  I www.weddingvenues.co.za  I www.weddingplanner.co.za  I
www.weddingcollection.co.za  I www.weddingrings.co.za  
www.weddingphotographers.co.za  I www.bride-to-be.co.za  I www.weddingbells.co.za  

• We have partnered with GOOGLE which has chosen to rate us the number one wedding card supplier in South Africa!
• Our customers are worldwide and we print in 17 different languages , from Swahile to Amharic and Polish to Spanish.
• Our guarantee: not taking any deposit - which leaves you empowered ! Agents in 12 Countries! --- Terms is C.O.D
• Prices quoted are valid for 4 months or up to the incentive date which ever comes first after which you need to get a
new quote due to the unstable financial market. Price is Ex Works Roodepoort, The Republic of South Africa.
I would love to do your wedding cards , always ready,willing and able to be at your service,with Clem it’s sorted.

Wedding Flower Quote I Candy Buffet Quote I Attorney Quote I Wedding Cake Quote I Wedding Dress Quote I Photographer Quote I Wedding Gifts quote

• If a specific invite needs to be viewed on a Saturday, please request Clem to bring a sample with!!
• If you do come either on a Saturday or during the week bring a printout of the quote with, please!
• We no longer see clients by appointment without a written printout of the quotes as to ensure that no time is wasted for both parties.

Banking details : Available on request.                                               

E-mail : clem@intekom.co.za  

Cell :Clem on 083 267 0053

Skype us @ : weddingcards

Address and Hours:


Factory Hours: 7.45-16.30---Staff compliment 25 people.

• Factory in Unified, Florida, Roodepoort, West Rand
Available day’s : Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Friday’s:
between 10.00 and 15.00
Please make an appointment to avoid disappointment.
— @ 1 Main Avenue ( Cnr. Main Avenue and Rail Street), Unified , Florida ,
Roodepoort, by appointment only.( Gordon Off ramp is the one to take)

After Hours
Saturday mornings,for your convenience but only by appointment!

We have been the industry leaders for 75 years; we do not take a deposit of any kind, which leaves you empowered. 
We do not sign a contract with penalty clauses and you pay us in full when the cards are done to your satisfaction.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.
We operate from a factory not house or town house.
With us it’s sorted.

In terms of RISK, ask yourself this ....
Why would you risk a cheaper quote when we can offer
you piece of mind, 75 years of professional service excellence ?
With Clem it is risk free!! , why take chances with your hard earned money?

Delivery is 12 working day's maximum, terms is C.O.D , price is ex works Roodepoort.

Prices are valid for 30 days from date of quote.

We do not take a deposit of any kind, which leaves you empowered.
We do not charge a consultation or quote fee.
We operate from a factory not house or town house.
We do not sign a contract with penalty clauses and you pay us
in full when the cards are done to your satisfaction.
We offer a 100%money back guarantee no questions asked.
With us it's sorted.

* Delivery within 12 working day's or it's yours FREE!!!#
* We will better any written quote guaranteed.#
* No deposit required.
* Professional workmanship guaranteed.
* 100% Money back guaranteed if you are not happy.#
* Piece of mind , no comebacks.
* We have so many references, you can choose from our client base whom
to phone. Other companies only give you a list of their happy clients.
* How many companies have been going for more than 75 years , our two
Companies combined have more than 150 years of expertise to offer you.
* Not one wedding invitation company on the African continent can now
offer their clients sms-wedding invitations and e-wedding invitations
or a combination thereof
You need to advertise the biggest event in your lives as a totally unique experience not be missed !
* Discount vouchers #

# Terms & Conditions apply

BOTTOM LINE : We go the extra mile , we have not been the market leaders for the past 75 years for nothing .
Our clients come as far as Ruanda,Ethiopie,Nigeria,Zambia,Tanzania 99% of my clients I unfortunately never get to meet.