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Q:Do you guarantee your work?
A:100% satisfaction Guaranteed

Rest assured , because behind all the technology is Southern
Africa's most reputed card manufacturing companies, with a combined experience
of 130 years .We are so sure of our ability to satisfy that we are offering
an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee to you , our valued customer .
That is right-100% guaranteed .If you are not happy with your order upon
receipt , you can return it anytime for a full refund .

Q:How do I get a quote on wedding cards?
A: Eazee piezee 6 steps!

1) Go to www.weddingcards.co.za
2) Register with your e-mail address and Password 1234, will be fine!
3) There are two catalogues on the home page, handmade wedding invitations and commercial wedding invitations , in both there are many samples to view.
4) If you see a wedding card you like click on it, as to see the reference number/name underneath the wedding card.
5) Make a note of all the reference numbers/names you like and then click the “ Get a quote button”which you will also find underneath each and every wedding card..Simply give us all the reference numbers/names off all the cards you would like to get a quote on and very importantly the quantity of cards.
6) If you invite 200 x people you only need 100 wedding cards as you will be inviting couples !!

Q:How do I place an order with weddingcards.co.za?
A: Follow the 8 steps below to the letter.

1) Subject heading off e-mail to read only the name of the bride and the name off the Groom
2) Attach a word .doc. with your wording for the invitation and other cards if applicable
3) In the e-mail body , after “ Hi Clem, how are you doing” please give as much detail of the card order.
4) Card Reference number or name
5) Price quoted
6) Quantity of cards
7) All your contact details
8) We cannot do business without your fax number, please indicate if we need to be discreet and phone you before faxing your proof

Q: What would be the best advice you can offer me with all your experience?
A: Look out for companies that falls into my warning criteria!
I cannot tell you how many cards we had to re-do because of poor workmanship
and just plain being let down.

Warning: We have become aware that some wedding invitation Companies are taking people for a ride and we would like to bring the following to your urgent attention. If you pay any consultation fee for a quote you have been taken for a ride if the invitations are made not in a factory but home or town house be afraid. Manufacturing wedding cards by a professional company should take minimum 5 to maximum 12 working days. If you pay a deposit of any kind or sign a "contract" to have your invitations done, some even with penalty clauses you must be very ignorant.

Q: Do you manufacture any design or only the wedding cards in your cataloques?
A: No , we can do anything as long as it is in the medium Paper or Board.

Q: Can I send you a picture off the design I would like to get a quote on?
A: Yes , we need to see a picture off what you would like us to quote on.
Or you need to be very spesific when putting your thoughts in words.
I need to see the same mental picture as you!

Q: If I only want you to print the wording for us we will finish our own cards would you?
A: Business is business , I am a salesman , I will take any job , conditions apply.